Background of Joan’s Family Bill of Rights


As a marketing consultant for over 20 years, I’ve been focused on client/customer service. So when I sat in the hospital at my sister Joan’s bedside seeing her condition improve during the first week, I began assessing the patient service from the many healthcare professionals who came into her room, as well as others I observed throughout the hospital.

I began to jot down notes about my observations: how the healthcare professionals acted, what they did and how they treated patients and family members. My plan was to meet with the head of the Intensive Care Unit when my sister was discharged. Tragically, my sister took a turn for the worse and died two weeks after she had been admitted to the hospital.

When I returned home, I came across my notes and debated if I should write an email to the head of the ICU. I thought that if I were that person, I would want to know what I had observed. I wrote Joan’s Family Bill of Rights in memory of my sister, with the hope that the hospital would make improvements in patient and family member care.

The head of the ICU later told me that she cried when she read the document. She passed it along to the hospital CEO and he, in turn, sent it to the heads of the healthcare system. They called me to talk and, within three months, flew me across the country to make three presentations at their facilities.

They videotaped the presentations and said that they would become the “cornerstone” of their training program. This healthcare system took a document written to help improve patient and family member care and used it as a training tool in their hospitals. I’m exceedingly impressed, because they listened.

I decided to start Joan’s Family Bill of Rights to connect to more healthcare professionals and staff and, ultimately, exceed the expectations of patients and their family members.

We offer several services to help you achieve your goals:

Motivational Presentations that have been approved for CME.

Hospital Communication tools that help train your staff.

Patient Satisfaction Surveys that include pre-surveys prior to patients’ discharge

Please contact us for more information and to find out how Joan’s Family Bill of Rights can help you.

Barbara Lewis