Writing and Interviewing – We’ve written hundreds of articles for many national publications.

Non-Profit Management – With over three decades as a business consultant and over five years operating non-profits, we are well-equipped to manage and grow your healthcare non-profit.

Patient and Family Advisory Councils – Starting and sustaining a Patient and Family Advisory Council (PFAC) is challenging. Our experience researching PFACs, serving on PFACs and starting councils, provides hospitals and medical groups with the expertise needed for a successful PFAC.

Marketing – We have created marketing plans that provide organizations with a blueprint for future growth.

Councils and Boards – We’ve served on many boards to help organizations accomplish their goals. Let us know if you’d like the voice of the patient, coupled with business experience, to aid your board.

Grants – We’ve represented the patient in a number of grants. Let us know if you if we can help you.  

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