The mission of Joan’s Family Bill of Rights is to improve the patient experience. The unconventional name is based on a document written by Barbara Lewis about the two weeks that her sister, Joan, spent in the intensive care unit and her tragic death in 2012. The document launched a series of services and resources to help healthcare organizations and patients.


Writing and Interviewing – We’ve written hundreds of articles for many national publications and have ghost-written articles as well. For two years, we produced a podcast where we interviewed nearly 100 experts for Healthcare Communication: Effective Techniques for Clinicians.

Non-Profit Management – With over three decades as a business consultant and over six years operating non-profits, we are well-equipped to manage and grow your healthcare non-profit.

Patient and Family Advisory Councils – Starting and sustaining a Patient and Family Advisory Council (PFAC) is challenging. Our experience researching PFACs, serving on PFACs and starting councils, provides hospitals and medical groups with the expertise needed for a successful PFAC.

Marketing – We have worked as the outsourced marketing director for our clients and have created and executed marketing plans that provide organizations with a blueprint for future growth.

Councils and Boards – We’ve served on many boards to help organizations accomplish their goals. Let us know if you’d like the voice of the patient, coupled with business experience, to aid your board.

Grants – We’ve represented the patient in a number of grants. Let us know if you if we can help you.  



Based on her journey with her mother’s challenge of dementia, Barbara wrote the Guide for Adult Children with Parents with Dementia, which facilities distribute to families of dementia residents.

Diagnostic Error

Improve Diagnoses: What Patients Can Do offers suggestions for patients to ensure that they are not misdiagnosed. 

Healthcare Communication: Effective Techniques for Clinicians – 95 interviews with healthcare communication experts discussing tips and techniques for communicating with patients and over 40,000 downloads

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