Patient and Family Advisory Councils

Our experience with Patient and Family Advisory Councils (PFACs) extends to 2013 and includes the following.

Groundbreaking Research

We researched and wrote the business case for why hospitals should have PFACs. After listening someone complain that there was no business case for a PFAC, we built the case for why hospitals should implement PFACs by assembling stories of PFACs that had saved their hospitals money, improved safety and enhanced the patient experience.

Entitled PFACs: Where’s the Money? The Financial Impact on Hospitals, the Beryl Institute generously supported the research and published the results in 2015. Up until that time, there was no concrete rationale on why hospitals should listen to the patient voice and incorporate feedback.

We research, analyze and write reports around PFACs.


After conducting two national surveys about PFACs, we wrote the wiki, Starting and Sustaining a Patient and Family Advisory Council to help new or seasoned councils find solutions to problems. The wiki is open for anyone to add information.

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