Healthcare Communication: Effective Techniques for Clinicians – over 90 interviews with healthcare communication experts discussing tips and techniques for communicating with patients. Listen to communication leaders discuss topics such as:

Agenda Setting: Taking Care of Patients and Building the Relationship When I Only Have 15 Minutes

ART of Communication: Ask-Respond-Tell Techniques

Balance & Self-Care: Helping Avoid Burnout & Depression

Beer, Wine, Whiskey and Patients: Simple, Helpful Clinical Talk

Clinician-patient Communication Linked to Health Outcomes

Clinicians and the Language of Nonverbal Communication: It’s Not Just What You Say, But How You Say It

Communicating about Structural Factors: Seeking to Reduce Barriers to Health

Communicating Bad News

Communicating with Civility

Communicating with Patients about Medically Unexplained Symptoms

Communicating with Patients as Consumers

Communicating with Patients Who Have Limited English Proficiency (LEP)

Communicating with Second Victims: Improving the Well-Being of the Health Team

Communication on High Performance Teams

Communication Skills Meet Reality: What It Means to be Patient-Centered in Everyday Practice

Communication Skills Residents Learn from Spending a Night in the Hospital

Conversation Ready – How to Prepare for End of Life Conversations

Cultivating Curiosity Improves the Patient-Provider Encounter

Difficult Conversations When Prescribing Longitudinal Controlled Drugs

Disclosure and Apology: Preparing for Difficult Conversations

Don’t Take Your Organs to Heaven, Heaven Know We Need Them Here: How a Surgeon Talks with Families about Organ Donation

Effective Communication Techniques to Help Patients Change

Effective Communication to Resolve Conflicts

Empathic Communication Strategies

Empathy 101: Should You Wear Your Heart on Your Sleeve?

Encouraging Patients to Participate in Shared Decision-Making

Every Patient Tells a Story: How to Heal Your Patients by Listening to Their Stories

Exploring Spirituality & Religious Beliefs with Patients

Geriatric Interview: Effective Techniques for Getting the Most Out of 15 Minutes

Getting to No: Negotiation with Patients about Their Test Requests

Heart to Heart Communication: How a Heart Surgeon Bonds Quickly with Patients

Helping Faculty Members Enhance Their Capabilities as Communication Educators

History of Communication between Clinicians & Patients

How Active Listening Improves the Patient and Clinician Experience

How Communication Techniques Impact Patients

How Physicians Can Use Social Media

How to Convince Patients (and Clinicians) to Engage in Advance Care Planning

How to Convince Patients to Take Their Medicines

How to Deliver Good News: It’s Harder than You Think

How to End the Patient-Clinician Relationship

How to Ensure Trainee Well-being

How to Improve Medication Communication

How to Talk with Seriously Ill Patients about Their Care Goals

How to Use Hypnosis to Improve Outcomes

Improve Interns’ Communication before Orientation

Incorporating Relationship-Centered Communication Strategies into Clinical Skills Courses

Linking Communication to Motivation

Listen to the Patient’s Story & Find the Diagnosis

Listening: A Prescription for Excellent Patient Care

Meaningful Relationship Development: Patient Engagement & Communication in a Digital Era

Mindfulness & Reflection

Navigating Common Boundary Challenges

Negotiating the Agenda with the Patient

Negotiating through Conflict: Getting What You Want and Need

No Time to Care: Overcoming Clinician Burnout

Patient-Centered Interviewing to Uncover Mental Health Issues

Patient-Centered Interviewing: An Evidence-Based Method

Practical Wellness: How Residents Can Enhance Business Communication

Promoting Self-Management Among Patients with Chronic Conditions

Providing Effective Feedback: Pitfalls and Pearls

Relationship Centered Healthcare: Improving Patient Outcomes

Remediating Communication Skills in Medical Students

Responding to Strong Emotions

Soliciting Goals for Care: The Gateway to Shared Decision Making

Storytelling: The Key to Successful Outcomes

Talking to Patients about Substance Use

Talking with Patients about Their Requests for Specialist Consultants

Teaching by Observation: How to Improve Residents’ Skills

Teaching Communication Skills at the Bedside

Teaching Communication Skills: How to Improve Clinicians’ Techniques

Teaching Learners How to Speak Up Effectively

Tell Me More: Creating Opportunities for Communication

The Ability to Find Joy in the Midst of Tragedy: An Afghan Surgeon’s Perspective

The Art and Practice of “Being With” the Patient

The Art of Listening with Empathy and the Clinician Benefits

The Cherished Relationship: How Clinicians Can Improve Outcomes

The Family Interview: Techniques and Pitfalls

Think and Communicate Differently: New Approaches to Meetings

Tips and Techniques for Communicating with Patients via Telemedicine

Tips and Techniques to Demonstrate Empathy

Tips and Techniques to Rekindle Joy

Trust: Competence, Care, Consistency and Courage

Tune Your Antennae to Non-Verbal Communication: Improve the Patient Experience

Unleashing the Positive Power of Compassion: Science, Skills and Strategies for Health and Wellbeing

Update on Patient-Centered Interviewing: An Evidence-Based Method

Using a Chronological History of the Present Illness: Why It’s So Important

Using Computers in the Exam Room: How to Include the Patient

Using Patient Narratives to Improve the Patient Experience

Using the RESPECT Model to Build a High-Performance Team

What Matters to You? Putting Patients’ Goals First

What Patient Say, What Doctors Hear: How to Improve Listening Skills

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